10 Food Tips to Soothe the Irritable Colon

Pain, constipation, or diarrhea? It isn’t very comfortable to have Colopathy, significantly since medications only relieve momentarily. The remedy is on the plate: fewer aggressive factors, more protective factors.

I fill each plate with 2/3 vegetables

Raw or cooked vegetables: abound with fibers, vitamins, and minerals that improve transit and nourish the beneficial intestinal flora.

If you consume little, you gradually increase the quantities and initially choose cooked – except cabbage – raw.

I eat fruit outside meals

This allows them to benefit from their nutritional benefits by avoiding the responsible fermentation of gas.

We’re limited to two, three fruits a day, just ripe.

I’ll limit the coffee

Coffee is an aggressor to avoid – or even remove – in the case of diarrhea or soft stools.

To stop, one cup per day is reduced and replaced with chicory, coffee substitutes, rooibos infusion, or Digestion yogi tea (available in dietary stores).

I bring gluten-free cereal to my table

Coagulopathy can be promoted by gluten intolerance (without suffering from celiac disease), a protein that is present mainly in wheat.

As for pasta, bread, and other products made from ordinary flour, we prefer quinoa, whole rice, buckwheat… that bring slowly assimilated carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, and, above all, beneficial fibers for transit.

I soak the legumes

Rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, lentils, broken peas, chickpeas, and dry beans are beneficial to the digestive sphere.

Provided that, before cooking, they are soaked overnight or, better, sprouted 2 to 5 days in unmineralized water to facilitate the digestion of gas-producing substances.

I swap meet for fish at least once in two

The emphasis is on small fatty fish like sardine and mackerel… Rich in omega-3 fatty acids with anti-inflammatory properties, they are more suitable than meat products for domestic cooking without toxicity (steam, choked…).

I adopt turmeric

A powerful anti-inflammatory, at least 1 teaspoon per day of turmeric diluted in oil to increase its availability or fresh, grated, added at the end of cooking.

I prefer mild cooking

High-temperature rituals, barbecues, and cooking produce toxic compounds. We prefer stiffness and wok, especially steam, by adding after cooking spices, aromatase, and anti-inflammatory oils (rich in omega-3: rapeseed, nuts, flax…).

I chew long

Digestion begins! You regularly lay your cutlery and masticate well to grind the food and soak it with saliva.

Taking your time also allows you to be satisfied faster, so you can absorb less food.

I’m trying to stop milking

Lactose and milk proteins can be inadequately tolerated. To find out, we trade milk and its derivatives (yogurts, cheese…) for vegetable juices (rice, soy…) enriched with calcium.

If this improves, they are gradually reintroduced in small quantities, favoring sheep and goats.

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