5 Mistakes to Avoid After Sunburn

Apply the wrong products on sunburn, not letting the skin breathe, scratch, or rip it may slow the process of healing the burn.

The harm is done: a sunburn decorates your back, forehead, thighs, or entire body and makes you suffer as soon as you touch it. You’ll have to wait before your skin starts to look 騎乗位 normal. But in the meantime, avoid these gestures, which could make the situation worse.

Wear tight clothes

After a sunburn, you have to let your skin breathe. The body tries to repair the damage by increasing the blood flow to the area to be treated. Result: a red, hot, and flaming skin. Wearing tight clothing may increase this reaction and make the skin even more marked.

Forget about hydrating

Sunburns do not only cause pain: they dry the skin. To restore a proper hydration rate, consider drinking water, eating watermelon, drinking infusions, ice tea, or preparing a broth, depending on the weather. Each way is useful to help the body relieve the symptoms of a burn.

Using makeup

You may be tempted to hide redness with a rich layer of background, but to heal with a sunburn, it is better to leave your skin alone. Using cosmetics with sponges, brushes, or your fingers may increase the risk of infection and allergic reaction. Take your patience to protect your health.

Scratch or tear off the skin

When the skin begins to detach, you will most likely feel an irresistible need to scratch and tear it off. However, it is better not to touch it. The same is true for liquid bubbles that can form. Hydrate the skin with an aloe Vera cream (non-fragrant and non-alcoholic) to help renew it faster.

Exfoliating and using alcohol products

Your beauty routine cannot stay the same when you have a sunburn. Avoid exfoliating scrubs and products, as well as alcohol-based creams, which may further damage your skin.

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