8 Smart Ideas for Consuming Fruit Differently in Summer

At this time of year, fruits color the market stalls and make us want to eat them to the fullest. Follow chef Philippe Convers‘s advice to make the most of their multiple benefits (and impress your guests!).

1. Ice cubes

We place whole red fruits (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries …) in ice cube trays, add fresh herbs (such as basil or mint), cover with water and place in the freezer, explains Philippe. Convers “.

An original and refreshing idea to enhance all kinds of cocktails, homemade juices …

2. Chips

Healthier than salted potatoes to enhance aperitifs!

We make thin slices of pineapple, apple or pear, and we dry them in the oven for 2 hours, turning them halfway through cooking,” explains the chef.

3. Aspics

We take summer fruits (strawberries, apricots, peaches, red fruits …) cut into pieces in a scented jelly with a little agave syrup and spices, fresh herbs. To be presented in terrine to share or in individual verrines“, recommends Philippe Convers.

4. Granite

An intermediate between crushed ice and sorbet that can quickly realize! The fruit is mixed (watermelon, melon, peach, apricot, red fruits…), mixed with a light syrup, then placed in the freezer.

Do not forget to scrape regularly with a fork to make ice sequins.

5. Chutney

“Pieces of mango or ripe figs are reduced for 30 minutes with cider vinegar, chopped onions, a little sugar, and a few raisins”, explains Philippe Convers, home chef.

Ideal to accompany summer grills!

6. In spreads paste

We reduce the pitted cherries, we mix, we add almond puree, and we mix again,” suggests Philippe Convers.

Enough to decorate sandwiches and pancakes, and make tart bases that change.

7. In cold soup

The fruits (strawberry, melon, peach …) are finely mixed or cut into brunoise, and aromatic herbs are added: melon + mint, peach + lemon verbena, strawberry + lemon balm …

8. In mixed salads

In the summer, sweet and savory food can be eaten by introducing watermelon dice, strawberries, or cut figs into the entrances… With tomatoes, cheese, gray meat…

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