Alternative Medicine for Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux is a problem many American adults deal with daily. It has become so prevalent in fact, that pharmaceutical companies now advertise prescription heartburn medications on TV regularly.

There are many natural and alternative medicines to Treat Acid Reflux problems, and treating the issues naturally will allow you to get relief without the risk of side effects.

One of the most natural ways to control Acid Reflux is to change how you eat. Heartburn often occurs because your body is unable to digest the foods you’re eating, or because the stomach is overloaded. There are several approaches you can take to changing your eating style:

1. Eat smaller amounts of food at a time. If you overfill your stomach with food, you often cause that food to start backing up into your oesophagus, because the stomach is too full to contain it all. Also, when the stomach is exceptionally robust, extra stomach acids are created to help speed up the digestion and make more room. This excess stomach acid is often what causes heartburn discomfort.

2. Eat your food slowly. And this goes hand in hand with the above recommendation. It takes your body at least twenty minutes to register that it is full. Since many people wolf down entire meals in just five to ten minutes, they frequently eat much more than they need to because their body hasn’t had time to let them know they’ve had enough. By taking your time when you eat each meal, you will be able to see when you’ve had enough before it’s too late. If you stop eating when you’ve had enough, you’re much less likely to develop heartburn.

3. Try different foods. Some people have heartburn problems because they’re overeating of a specific kind of food. If their body is sensitive to sugar, gluten, or heavy simple carbohydrates, for instance, then eating these types of foods can cause chronic heartburn problems. By merely reducing the amount of those types of food you eat or eliminating them from your diet entirely, you’ll often find yourself rarely having issues with heartburn in the future.

There are also some excellent herbs which will help neutralise and relieve Acid Reflux issues, so if you find yourself breaking one of the rules above, be sure to have one or more of these on hand:

Spearmint or Peppermint – Keep these around in tea form and drink them whenever you’re feeling the pain of heartburn, gas or bloating.

Chlorophyll – This can found in the form of green tea, Parsley, or Alfalfa. Chlorophyll is an excellent herb to neutralize gas, bloating, upset stomach, heartburn and related problems, and it works quickly too.

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