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Fit-ball exercises

Hello, our dear lovers of a healthy lifestyle. In this article, we will tell you about such fantastic sports equipment like the Swiss ball. People often call it a fitness ball or fit-ball, and so as not to confuse you, we will also call it that.

The fitness ball is a universal sports simulator, and it had proved it when in 2008, at one of the world sports exhibitions, the fit-ball was called the most useful invention in the history of the fitness industry. And the results achieved by those who train with fit-ball confirm this high-profile title. Just imagine, performing only one exercise on a fitness ball, almost all your muscles work, plus your coordination and flexibility develop, and your posture will become ideal after a couple of months of training.

In general, if you delve into history, fit-ball has been used in aerobics since the 1950s, but doctors, physiotherapists primarily used it. They actively used ball exercises to treat patients with paralysis. Then, in the 1970s, physiotherapists from the USA became interested in fit-ball. They borrowed it from their Swiss colleagues and began to use it in the treatment of their patients. It was American doctors who gave impetus to the popularization of exercises with fit-ball. And already in the 90s, the Swiss ball was firmly embedded in the fitness industry.

Below we will tell and show you the most popular set of exercises on fit-ball, which will allow you to lose weight and become slimmer and tell you which fit-ball to choose if you buy it in a store.

Fitness Ball Exercises

Well, let’s now consider why we are here. Namely, let’s look at the most popular exercises with fit-ball, which will help you lose weight, strengthen your posture, make your abs muscles more prominent, and lift your mood.

The following set of exercises on fit-ball consists of the most effective movements. We collected them, especially in one place, so that you no longer had to surf the Internet on dubious sites that contain extraordinary exercises. Well, enough words, let’s see what exercises with a fitness ball will help you lose weight.

Be sure to hesitate before training. Jump on a skipping rope, dance, or do the usual circular movements with arms and legs.

Pelvic rises

The first exercise is working on the core; that is, it makes your abs and lower back muscles stronger. The muscles of the buttocks and legs are also involved here. Put the ball, lie on its back in front of it, and throw your legs on the fit-ball. In the initial position, the feet should not touch the gymnastic ball (A). Now lift the pelvis, rolling the ball towards you with your feet. Having reached the highest point, linger in it for a couple of seconds (B) and return to its original position.

At first, help yourself keep your balance by resting your hands on the floor. Perform ten such lifts.

Side bends

Lie on your back again, place the fit-ball between your legs, and raise your legs with it, put your hands on the floor (A). Now tilt your legs to the left without lifting your shoulder from the floor (B), then lean to the right and return to its original position (A). One repeat you did.

Do 12 more reps and continue to the next exercise.

Fit-ball twists

Keep lying on the floor. Hold the gymnastic ball between the legs, as shown in figure (A), hands behind the head. Do the twisting by lifting the legs of the pelvis up (B). During execution, retract and tighten the stomach. It is an excellent fit-ball press exercise.

Perform 12 repetitions and move on.

Back push-ups

Put your hands on the gym ball, as shown in figure (A). Be careful not to rest your hands on the very edge so that your hands do not slip off the ball, and you are not injured. Push up (B) slowly. This exercise works out your triceps well.

Do 12 reps.


Accept the emphasis lying down, place your feet on the fit-ball (A). Squeeze slowly (B). As you exercise, you can complicate the exercise by placing your legs closer to the fit ball’s edge. It is an excellent exercise with weight-ball for weight loss.

Perform 10 push-ups.

Leg raises

Accept the starting position, as in the previous exercise, and only you should position your legs as close to the edge of the ball (A) as possible. Now lift your left leg as high as possible (B). Then return to the starting position (A). This movement is correctly working on the buttocks.

Make 15 lifts on each leg, and proceed to the last exercise.

Ball twisting for fitness

Lie on the fit-ball, arms crossed on the chest (A). Now rise while continuing to hold your hands on your chest (B). When lifting, you should roll back slightly on the ball, and this will allow you to avoid falling from the ball.

Please perform all the exercises one after another, in the order in which we painted them. All training takes place in the “circular training” mode. That is, do the exercises one after another, with the number of repetitions that indicated. After completing all the tasks, you will make one circle. Now rest 3-4 minutes and start a new ring. Between exercises, try to rest as little as possible. Ideally, do not rest at all!

Which fit-ball to choose?

Let’s figure out how to choose the right ball for fitness. What you should pay attention to first of all.

Of course, you won’t notice the vast difference when doing exercises on an expensive or cheap fit-ball, but we still would like to teach you how to choose a quality ball. Indeed, you must admit that quality things always delight our eyes. The first thing you should pay attention to when selecting a Swiss ball is abbreviation ABS. It is an indicator of the ball’s quality, ABS from English means “anti-explosion system” that is, if you accidentally pierce your fit-ball, it will not explode, but will slowly go down. And it will allow you to avoid injury if you fall if the ball explodes during training. Cheap balls, as a rule, are made of low-quality materials and cannot boast of such a system.

The next thing we pay attention to is the diameter of our ball. There are six types of balls of different diameter: 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, and 95 centimeters. To choose the shot of precisely the width you need, you need to know your height. For example, if your height is 163 centimeters, you need a fit-ball with 65 centimeters diameter. That is, when choosing a ball, you must subtract your height from the number 100, and then you will find out what diameter suits you.

But still, we would recommend that you choose a ball with a 75 centimeters diameter, regardless of your height. And it is the optimal diameter of the ball on which you can perform all these exercises.

The last point that we pay attention to when choosing a ball for fitness is its color. Choose a ball of a pleasant tone to you; otherwise, if you don’t like the color of the ball, it can negatively affect your mood.

There are balls with solid spiked horns. Fit-ball with horns specially designed for children, so adults should not take such a ball. But if you see a prickly ball in your eyes, then feel free to take it. Besides all the advantages described above, your fitness ball will also be a great massage therapist.

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