Chronic Fatigue Overview

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not yet fully understood but seems to be closely related to Fibromyalgia. Both health problems seem to begin with a viral infection or a severe physical or emotional shock. The range of symptoms for Chronic Fatigue syndrome usually marked with excessive, ongoing fatigue that is so strong it impairs cognitive and memory brain functions. Sometimes Chronic Fatigue syndrome also includes muscle pain, digestive problems, insomnia, and headaches.

Fibromyalgia has very similar symptoms to Chronic Fatigue syndrome and even Irritable Bowel Syndrome. These health problems generally affect young adult females and are marked by chronic symptoms that can sometimes be disabling, while having no specific known cause. People living with Fibromyalgia may experience more pain, along with anxiety, depression, and numbness or tingling in the body’s extremities.

In some cases, doctors feel that chronic fatigue syndrome is just another form of depression or simple exhaustion from their everyday lifestyles. Some studies, however, have indicated there may be more to the causes of these syndromes than some might think.

People living with Chronic fatigue syndrome, for instance, often have a fever and swollen glands. One study conducted showed that most of the participants had very similar symptoms and specific medical problems too.

Common symptoms that brought to light in this study included: Chronic fatigue, having cold extremities, impaired memory functions, frequent urination, balancing problems, muscle cramps and aches, dry mouth, and sore throats.

When medical tests run on the participants of this study, it found that some participants had a fever, but most had body temperatures below normal. Most also had low blood pressure and yeast infections on their tongues or in their mouths. 85% showed white spots on the nails, which indicates a potential zinc deficiency.

Additionally, 82% showed yeast in their stools, and 30% showed parasites in their seats. Low levels of both zinc and magnesium also found.

Based on studies like this, along with numerous examples of Chronic Fatigue sufferers having success treating themselves with dietary changes and herbal remedies and supplements.

The biggest problems come, of course, from the wide variety of issues and responses to each person’s body subjected. Some people have food allergies or intolerances without knowing it, while others breathe numerous harmful toxins into their bodies all day long. Others may be more lacking in nutrition and essential vitamins and minerals, while still others may have yeast infections or parasites they’re unaware.

Remember too, that different treatment will create different results in other people. Even natural and herbal remedies can have differing effects from one person to another, and this also comes down to not knowing exactly what might be causing the problems. A safe assumption though, is that by improving eating habits, boosting nutrition and treating common issues such as yeast infections, parasites and other harmful bacteria can often go a long way towards resolving many of the associated problems.

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