Extremely distinct the flower and the flame

In this Love Letters series, shutterbug Jiang Zhi makes up passionate and spectacular visual stories of adoration that are reminiscent of a previous duration. Making use of alcohol as a blazing professional, Zhi sets different sorts of blossoms and flowers ablaze and images them as they smoke. He captures the snippets of life that establish both from the blooms and the active blazes of the fire.

Each picture limited in just one type of bloom, and a single stem, or from time to time an entire tree trunk. He picks the splendour of flowers like white orchids, red lilies, and magnificent yellow sunflowers, and spots them against an incredibly fundamental foundation. As the blazes touch off and gleam around every bud, Zhi pictures the procedure.

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Via [ mymodernmet | Jiang Zhi’s website | M97 Gallery website | Pulmonaire ]

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