How to Easily Remove a Man’s Stomach and Sides at Home

All overweight men wish to have a muscular torso. Even those who never talk about it and also claim that they want the opposite. Indeed, among other things, a muscular body instinctively attracts the attention of women. Gaining weight is easy, but getting rid of it will be long and difficult.

To destroy extra pounds, you should not look for miraculous techniques and pills on the Internet. Only good workouts, a balanced diet, and lifestyle changes can sometimes give a good result without harm to health, which is sometimes very difficult.

Fat burning exercises for the sides and abdomen

Let’s figure out how to remove a man’s stomach and sides

For weight loss in these parts of the body, the primary attention should pay to the oblique muscles of the abdomen, abs, and lower back. It is these muscle groups that are actively involved throughout the day while walking, lifting things, tilting, and similar movements. To keep them in good shape, you should sign up in the gym; if possible, training should carry out under the supervision of a trainer. But even without it, thanks to the many mirrors installed in the halls, it will not be difficult to control the correct execution.

The following exercises will be most effective:

  • Twisting on a press;
  • Running in place while lying down (exercise is called a “climber”);
  • Turning on a fitness ball;
  • Raising legs in the hang on the crossbar and uneven bars;
  • Lateral retention;
  • Raises the body lying on your back (you need to touch the feet);
  • Dumbbell Bench Press.

All these exercises must be repeated 10-20 times and make three approaches for each of them. Also, do not forget about the warm-up. Perfect fat-burning activities, in addition to these workouts, will be running, swimming, and cycling.

However, if we are talking about a very obese person, it is highly recommended not to start intensive training. Running and the gym best left later, but first, you need to change your diet and start walking. You need to walk at least 1-2 kilometers daily, beginning in 20 minutes a day and within ten days to bring walking time to 1-2 hours.

Sports Strategy

In addition to the exercises themselves, the number of training days remains extremely important. It’s not worth doing several hours every day. 3-4 workouts every week will be enough. Also, do not repeat the same exercises in each lesson, because the body quickly gets used to the same loads, and the effect decreases. Therefore, it recommended that each training session vary not only the sequence of exercises but also the number of repetitions.

Cardio training

It is the name of classes with high-intensity interval. They need to be carried out at least once a week, preferably on the day after which several days of rest follow, since the body will need time to recover.

Cardio training is an expert in disputes with the question of how to get rid of a man’s abdomen and sides.

The whole point of such a workout is to change the intensity of the load quickly. For example, in the case of jogging, you need to run for several minutes at a high pace, then slow down and also run for a while. Thus, you should conduct the entire training. It applies not only to running but also to other sports (swimming, cycling, jumping rope). It is during such practice that the body burns a large amount of fat.


In an effort not only to lose weight but also to burn fat on the sides and abdomen, training alone is not enough. Great attention should pay to lifestyle in general, and nutrition in particular. For a balanced diet, you need to calculate the required number of calories and burn them more than you consume. The body also needs protein – the material necessary for gaining muscle mass.

For an ordinary person, the daily protein norm is 1 gram per 1 kilogram of weight, but if you want to lose weight, only the amount of protein in the diet needs to increase to 2 grams per kilogram of weight.

To remove fat on the sides and abdomen, the ratio of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in food should be as follows:

  • Fats – 20%;
  • Proteins – 50%;
  • Carbohydrates – 30%.

As for carbohydrates, they divided into simple and complex. It is better to give preference to complex carbohydrates because they are longer digested and absorbed into the blood, and this ensures a stable release of energy. To obtain complex carbohydrates, it recommends to consume:

  1. Raw vegetables and fruits (apples, pears, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers);
  2. Porridge of large half (wheat, buckwheat),
  3. Bread with bran;
  4. Legumes (soy, lentils, peas, etc.).

But simple carbohydrates, which include chips, sweets, potatoes, juices, cookies, etc., are best excluded from the diet.

In no case should a protein deficit be tolerated, otherwise the body will begin to burn muscle to supplement it.

It is highly recommended not to get involved in newfangled diets:

  • Juice;
  • Kefir;
  • Watermelon

The fact is that when eating only one of these products for several days, a weak figure and exhaustion of the body provided.

Limit yourself, especially on the training day is not worth to limit it, if you want to eat a hamburger at McDonald’s, go ahead. If you’re going to eat a piece of cake, no problem, go straight from the gym to the pastry shop. But still, you should not abuse sweets, especially in the initial stages of the diet. On the day of rest, try to eat only slow carbohydrates: cereals, all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

In general, for the successful burning of fat on the sides and stomach, you should change your lifestyle, start eating the right foods, and engage in proper exercise. The main thing is to overcome laziness and find the strength in yourself for such changes.

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