How to Get Rid of Body Fat with L-Carnitine

Let’s see if l-carnitine need for weight loss or not? Let’s get started. Elcarnitine (L-carnitine) is a substance used as a fat burner in professional and amateur fitness. It is synthesized in the brain, kidneys, and liver of a person. But for regular production, a high-quality, balanced diet with a large amount of animal protein is required (since meat is the primary source of carnitine). It is why dieters advise taking extra L-carnitine in capsule or drink form.

Exposure to L-Carnitine

The main objective of the drug

L-carnitine is also called “Vitamin Bt.” This drug serves as a natural factor in the breakdown of adipose tissue. Its primary function is the transfer of fatty acids (fats) to intracellular cleavages of adipose fabrics. That is, in the part of the cells that control the decomposition of organic components: carbohydrates, proteins, fats.

The absence of L-carnitine in the body prevents the useful breakdown of fats. The lack of just this component often causes overweight and obesity. And besides, with a reduced content of carnitine in the body. A person experiences irritability, chronic fatigue, interruptions in the work of the heart, intolerance to any physical exertion.

The main properties of L-carnitine

L-carnitine has many wonderful qualities, including:

  • activation of the process of burning fat;
  • processing fat into energy;
  • the destruction of existing and the prevention of new deposits of fat;
  • lowering the level of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood;
  • increase in the natural level of adenosine triphosphate (ATP);
  • stimulation of heart muscle nutrition;
  • increased performance;
  • fatty oxygenation of cells;
  • shortening the recovery period;
  • stimulation of immunity;
  • long-lasting effect.

What is the ultimate benefit of L-carnitine?

A critical point is the oxidation of fats in the presence of carnitine. In this state, fats transfer the energy contained in them to the body. It helps to increase the general level of both the physical and mental tonus of a person.

From the very first days of the use of L-carnitine, steady weight loss observed. The development of the process of “burning” fat (up to 10%) begins. The growing dynamics of the begun weight loss remains throughout the entire time of admission and continues for another month after the end of the course. If in the future, we control nutrition, then the long-term effect is guaranteed.

How to take L-Carnitine

For people involved in sports

For weight loss, 1200 mg of the drug per day is required. It is good to divide this dose in half. Take one part in capsule form before meals. Another (about 600 mg) – half an hour before training, and preferably in liquid form. Almost all manufacturers of sports nutrition produce L-carnitine in ampoules.

Thus, the reception scheme has the form:

  • 200 mg before breakfast in 20 minutes;
  • before lunch – 200 mg;
  • before an afternoon snack – 200 mg;
  • half an hour before training, take 600 mg.

Since L-carnitine is aphrodisiac, a restriction of guarana and caffeine is recommended at the time of its administration.

For ordinary people

For people who are not keen on sports, it recommended that you take L-carnitine three or more times a day, one or two capsules. For those whose body weight is much higher than the average value, it recommended that the daily norm increased by 1.5-2 times. The duration of admission is one month. After a month’s break, the course can repeat.

You can buy L-carnitine in the sports nutrition stores.

The drug should not be taken by pregnant women while breastfeeding. Contraindications apply to cases of intolerance to the drug.

Pilates at home will always help you keep your body in shape. Pilates exercises do not require any additional equipment.

Side effect and how to avoid it

The only side effect of consuming L-carnitine is a significant increase in appetite. It is a tool speed up metabolism at rest. It means more energy. That’s where the increased appetite. To simplify dieting, manufacturers often include dietary fiber in the preparation. But the correct diet and training can prevent an increase in appetite.

The usual low-calorie diet is better to replace a fitness diet with five meals without sugar and alcohol, a restriction of fats, and a lot of fruits and vegetables. The training regimen should also review. It should include up to 3 strength training (endurance) per week, six cardio workouts, changing their intensity and duration.

L-carnitine slimming reviews

Edward, 23 years old.

I took L-carnitine for two weeks. At the same time, he was engaged in an exercise bike and ran in the evenings. But he did not bother much. As a result, he lost almost 12 kg. In my opinion, a great result.

Eliza, 20 years old.

L-carnitine is useful in parallel training and diet. I did not diet and took it during training. No result. And only with the addition of the food received a decrease in body weight of 6 kg in 10 days.

Jeanne, 26 years old.

Carnitine works. I checked on myself. In three weeks, I have lost almost 8 kg. And so much energy appeared that I did not know where to put it.

Vladimir, 29 years old.

First, be sure to check your health before taking carnitine. My pressure began to jump. Before that, I did not notice. I asked a doctor, and He explained, the body itself produces carnitine. And if it is enough, then an additional trick will cause problems.

Andrew, 27 years old.

He took it comprehensively, together with a diet program and a competent training scheme developed by an instructor. The entire course took three months. The result is unmatched. He lost weight, pulled himself up, energy – over the edge.

Fighting overweight through diet and exercise reduces body fat. But the kilos lost with such difficulty, come back. The main problem is the lack of L-carnitine. This substance’s primary meaning is to rebuild the body into fat-burning mode and provide additional energy for sports.

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