Incredibly fresh shipwreck pictures underwater

If you have an interest in style photography, then this is the post that you should check out to discover the techniques of underwater photography. In this short article, you will get to see breathtaking pictures of designs, which have gone underwater to posture for the most recent edition of a publication.

The professional photographer has utilised the backdrop of an ancient shipwreck, and this has imparted a beautiful nature to snaps. It is truly a tough job for professional photographers and designs too to posture with dignity underwater. To see all the snaps, click the link that has offered here.

So search for underwater shipwreck pictures today. If you’re finding for shipwreck underwater, you have landed on the best lading page.

No Photoshop was used to create these photos (except for post-production)

The models in these photos had to actually hold their breath

They are true mermaids – as experienced freedivers,  they can hold their breath for 3-4 minutes at a time

That’s probably why they were comfortable being TIED to this underwater shipwreck, receiving air periodically from expert safety divers

Behind the scenes of Von Wong’s underwater photo shoot:

Source: | Smugmug | 500px | Facebook (h/t: petapixel)

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